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Just Park It: Fields, Ranches and Casinos of NorCal

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Just Park It: Fields, Ranches and Casinos of NorCal


Northern California stretches from San Luis Obispo County to the Oregon state line. It is diverse, grandly beautiful and chock full of tiny houses. They can be found on farms, ranches, vineyards and of course, backyards. Beginning March 5th, we could see them greatly multiply across San Luis Obispo backyards after the new zoning ordinance officially takes effect.

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Our Fall tiny house travels took us to Santa Rosa. There we stayed in a field, to be turned into a tiny-friendly campground in the future. We became acquainted with the owner while presenting at the Glamping Summit in Long Beach, CA. Just a few miles up the road from our parking spot, we visited dear tiny house friends and new couple, Andy and Hilarie. Respectively, The Whittle Wagon and Tiny Hell on Wheels on the social medias. Hilarie’s DIY tiny house on wheels was parked on a ranch, perched at the top of an insanely steep driveway. Thank goodness for heavy-duty dually trucks and tractors with hitches!

Andy and Hilarie have a fun whirlwind love story. Within just a few months of dating, they have taken a road trip, lived tiny together and completed home repairs. If they can survive all of that, while remaining madly in love, then they must be meant to be, and are now happily engaged. We met them individually over the last few years of travel. For Andy, it was in Texas in 2016, when he lived in his first tiny house on wheels, a DIY 24’ gooseneck. A year later, to be more nimble on the road, he built a micro tiny home on wheels, only 14’ long. Admittedly Andy has become a build addict, so it was no surprise that just six months later, after selling both tinies, he had moved into his DIY shuttle bus conversion in Colorado.

We met Hilarie in New Jersey, as she was finishing her 20’ tiny home and was preparing for her first road trip with her roommate, a mini-pig named Crusher. Since then Hilarie and Crusher have traveled all over the country for tiny house festivals and meetups with friends.

To find ranch tiny house parking like Hilarie and Andy did, search Craigslist or tiny house parking sites like SearchTinyHouseVillages.com and TryItTiny.com.