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North Shore #7


North Shore #7


This 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom house was built for its owners as an investment property in Northport, MI. With two full bedrooms and a bunk room, this home can accommodate a variety of guests in a simple, Danish-style aesthetic. Pulling from the same design concepts as Hygge Supply is based on, this home takes on a minimalist philosophy while also creating a comfortable yet modern environment for its guests. With streamlined Hygge Supply cabinetry, clean concrete floors, and floor-to-ceiling windows, the home exudes a sense of tranquility with a connection to nature. The home is also built with sustainability in mind – employing a panelized structure with foam cores yeilding the highest R-values on the market; radiant floor heating and energy efficient mechanicals and appliances; low-VOC paint for the walls and negligible VOC powder coat panels for the cabinets; and pre-cut and assembled steel framing which leaves zero waste on the job site.

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