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Cute & Stylish Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas & Room Decor


Cute & Stylish Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas & Room Decor


So while my girls were growing up, it was pretty common about once a year to hear from them that they needed a bedroom update… They got that from me. 😉 I always tried to find ideas that might be within my budget and within my tolerance (winking good naturedly here…) but still look sophisticated and representative of their personalities. There are two things that might surprise you when coming up with teenage girl bedroom ideas. First, teens are an image and color oriented generation, and not just on Instagram. Second, they aren’t asking for the world here, just some individuality, and a chance to play with some pretty things before they have to leave home and pay their own water bill. Done. So here are some cute, stylish and really cool teenage girl bedroom ideas & room decor!

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas & Room Decor

Our first cute bedroom ideas are proof that teen girls room decor is becoming more sophisticated. This pretty space from ‘Tatertots & Jello‘, has tons of great DIY ideas, including string lighting, using white paint to lighten a dark and dingy room, and a photo display project you have to go and check out! After all, what does a teen girl love more than her best Insta shots!

From ‘The Lily Pad Cottage‘, we are in love with this teen girls bedroom. In. Love. Boho chic with a touch of glam, yet still has fun fabrics and that hanging chair! BTW, this canopy was a DIY project! Go take a look at all her great teenage girl bedroom ideas! (Spoiler alert… She has lots!)

House Beautiful‘ has a great idea for making a shared teen bedroom pretty, and more grown up at the same time. Instead of two twin beds, upgrade your girls into full or queen size beds. It’s much easier to share a space when your own personal area feels more luxurious. This room is also a great lesson on how to use bright colors in a cute teen bedroom without making it look childish. Add lots of white!

This is what I think of when I think cute teen rooms… Happy colors, and updated fabrics. This teen girl bedroom has personal touches, lots of color, a workspace for homework and even storage ideas. You need to see all the photos of this room! From ‘Tidbits & Twine‘.

If your teen girl wants bedroom decor that is a bit more clean and minimal, but still full of style, take a look at this! Elegant and with a touch of glam, this space might be perfect for any girl who wants to leave pink behind. (But, not too far behind!)  Go look at this space at ‘Oh Eight. Oh Nine.

We love this teenage girl bedroom idea, because it allows her to change her decor as she pleases. The accent wall is criss crossed in ribbon, allowing your girl to tuck her photos, mementos and awards into the grid. She can showcase the things that are important in her life, and still have the prettiest room on the block. I love how they added some floral decals behind the “ribbon wall” to add color and style as a background for her own photos. And note the doorknob. Details count! From ‘HGTV‘.

Not all teenage girl bedroom ideas involve pink! This room contrasts navy and white for a pop of color that doesn’t make the room too dark. And we have another hanging chair! Notice all the colors for this room were taken from the area rug. A headboard can easily be upholstered as a DIY, and it makes the bed the focal point of the room. From ‘Cuckoo 4 Design‘.

This colorful DIY headboard idea is from ‘A Kailo Chic Life‘. She used craft foam to make this room pop, and we love it! If you have a teenage girl who has a colorful personality, this is an easy project that could transform her room decor. Also, note how the same colors are repeated in the pillows and accessories, and how they are purposefully used against a white background to make it feel fresh.

Ever had your teenager say she wanted to paint her room black? Me too, and I said no. But after seeing this teen girl bedroom idea from ‘Jeanne Oliver‘, I wish I hadn’t! Remember, lots of white makes black look sleek and modern, not dreary.

The last one we have for you is from ‘HGTV‘. Modern, clean design with just enough color and pattern to to make this a stand out teenage girls bedroom! Lots of ideas for you to recreate here, from the upholstered headboard to the pops of graphic black and white for sophistication. I’ve been using that word a lot in this post, and I think its important to remember that’s what your teen wants most… a more grown up feel.

These teenage girl bedroom ideas and room decor will have you inspired to create a personal, sophisticated space for your girl. Which is how it should be! We think you will also want to jump right on over to our posts on glam DIY Lighted Vanity Mirrors and Simple and Modern DIY Nightstand Ideas!

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